The Enterprise Architecture of the National Digital Preservation Services has been Published

Submitted bydPresFI onFri, 06/30/2023 - 15:34

The centralized National Digital Preservation Services provide open and cost-effective digital storage for cultural heritage organizations and higher education and research institutions under the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Digital Preservation Services keep the organizations' content fixed, authentic and usable. Digital preservation is an active activity from which the use of a Digital Preservation Service frees the organization to focus on its core activities.

A new version of enterprise architecture of the Digital Preservation Services has been published. The architecture aims to:

  • identify strategic policies on Digital Preservation Services
  • describe the services offered to partner organizations
  • describe the factors that guide the operation of the Digital Preservation Services
  • support the development of the Digital Preservation Services
  • help reconcile partner organizations’ needs with the objectives and provision of the Digital Preservation Services

The architecture updates and refines enterprise architecture of the National Digital Library for cultural heritage and the Open Science and Research reference architecture for digital preservation.

As digitalization progresses, the Digital Preservation Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture are one of the enablers of the exploitation and opening up of information, in line with the national information policy. Digital cultural heritage and open science digitally perpetuate the memory of humanity and broaden the base of digital civilization. They are linked to both national and European goals for a sustainable future.